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Table of Contents

Unit 1 AC Waveforms
Lesson 1-1 The Sinusoidal Waveform
Lesson 1-2 Amplitude of a Sinusoidal Waveform
Lesson 1-3 Frequency and Period of a Sinusoidal Waveform
Lesson 1-4 Phase Angle
Lesson 1-5 Sinusoidal Power Waveforms
Lesson 1-6 Nonsinusoidal Waveforms
Lesson 1-7 *Summary of AC Waveforms

Unit 2 Inductance
Lesson 2-1 Introduction to Inductance
Lesson 2-2 Self Inductance
Lesson 2-3 Mutual Inductance
Lesson 2-4 *Inductor Ratings
Lesson 2-5 *Types of Inductors
Lesson 2-6 *Summary of Inductance

Unit 3 Inductor Circuits
Lesson 3-1 *Introduction to Inductor Circuits
Lesson 3-2 Series Inductor Circuits
Lesson 3-3 Parallel Inductor Circuits
Lesson 3-4 *Series/Parallel Inductor Circuits
Lesson 3-5 *Summary of Inductor Circuits

Unit 4 Direct-Current RL Circuits
Lesson 4-1 Introduction to Direct-Current RL Circuits
Lesson 4-2 RL Time Constant
Lesson 4-3 *Current Build-Up Events
Lesson 4-4 *Current Decay Events
Lesson 4-5 *Practical Direct-Current RL Circuits
Lesson 4-6 *Summary of Direct-Current RL Circuits

Unit 5 Transformers
Lesson 5-1 *Introduction to Transformers
Lesson 5-2 Transformer Ratios
Lesson 5-3 *Impedance Transformation
Lesson 5-4 *Transformer Losses
Lesson 5-5 *Transformer Ratings
Lesson 5-6 *Summary of Transformers

Unit 6 Inductive Reactance
Lesson 6-1 Introduction to Inductive Reactance
Lesson 6-2 The Inductive Reactance Formula
Lesson 6-3 Series and Parallel XL
Lesson 6-4 XL and Ohmís Law
Lesson 6-5 Current and Voltage in XL Circuits
Lesson 6-6 Power in XL Circuits
Lesson 6-7 *Summary of Inductive Reactance

Unit 7 Alternating-Current RL Circuits
Lesson 7-1 *Introduction to RL Alternating-Current Circuits
Lesson 7-2 Series RL Circuits
Lesson 7-3 Q of an Inductor
Lesson 7-4 Parallel RL Circuits
Lesson 7-5 Power in RL Circuits
Lesson 7-6 *Summary of Alternating-Current RL Circuits

Unit 8 Capacitance
Lesson 8-1 Introduction to Capacitance
Lesson 8-2 Capacitor Action
Lesson 8-3 Capacitance Formulas
Lesson 8-4 *Capacitor Specifications
Lesson 8-5 *Types of Capacitors
Lesson 8-6 *Summary of Capacitance

Unit 9 Capacitor Circuits
Lesson 9-1 *Introduction to Capacitor Circuits
Lesson 9-2 Parallel Capacitor Circuits
Lesson 9-3 Series Capacitor Circuits
Lesson 9-4 *Power in Capacitor Circuits
Lesson 9-5 *Summary of Capacitor Circuits

Unit 10 Direct-Current RC Circuits
Lesson 10-1 *Introduction to Direct-Current RC Circuits
Lesson 10-2 RC Time Constant
Lesson 10-3 Capacitor Charging Events
Lesson 10-4 *Capacitor Discharging Events
Lesson 10-5 *Practical Direct-Current RC Circuits
Lesson 10-6 *Summary of Direct-Current RC Circuits

Unit 11 Capacitive Reactance
Lesson 11-1 *Introduction to Capacitive Reactance
Lesson 11-2 The Capacitive Reactance Equation
Lesson 11-3 Series and Parallel XC
Lesson 11-4 XC and Ohmís Law
Lesson 11-5 Current and Voltage in XC Circuits
Lesson 11-6 *Power in XC Circuits
Lesson 11-7 *Summary of Capacitive Reactance

Unit 12 Alternating-Current RC Circuits
Lesson 12-1 *Introduction to RC Alternating-Current Circuits
Lesson 12-2 Series RC Circuits
Lesson 12-3 Parallel RC Circuits
Lesson 12-4 *Combination RC Circuits
Lesson 12-5 *Summary of Alternating-Current RC Circuits

Unit 13 *LC Circuits
Lesson 13-1 *Introduction to LC Circuits
Lesson 13-2 Series LC Circuits
Lesson 13-3 Parallel LC Circuits
Lesson 13-4 *Summary of LC Circuits

Unit 14 *RLC Tuned Circuits
Lesson 14-1 *Introduction to RLC Tuned Circuits
Lesson 14-2 *Series RLC Circuits
Lesson 14-3 *Parallel RLC Circuits
Lesson 14-4 *Combination RLC Circuits
Lesson 14-5 *Summary of RLC Tuned Circuits

Unit 15 *Complex Numbers for AC Circuits
Lesson 15-1 *Introduction to Complex Numbers
Lesson 15-2 *Rectangular Notation
Lesson 15-3 *Polar Notation
Lesson 15-4 *Rectangular/Polar Conversions
Lesson 15-5 *Complex Addition and Subtraction
Lesson 15-6 *Complex Multiplication and Division
Lesson 15-7 *Series Circuit Analysis
Lesson 15-8 *Parallel Circuit Analysis
Lesson 15-9 *Combination Circuit Analysis
Lesson 15-10 *Summary of Complex Numbers

Unit 16 *AC Circuit Analysis
Lesson 16-1 *Introduction to Alternating-Current Circuit Analysis
Lesson 16-2 *Series Circuit Analysis
Lesson 16-3 *Parallel Circuit Analysis
Lesson 16-4 *Series-Parallel Circuit Analysis
Lesson 16-5 *Parallel-Series Circuit Analysis
Lesson 16-6 *Summary of AC Circuit Analysis

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